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On The Energies…

We are still feeling the effects of this weeks 2/2 Portal.  We still have a ton of Ascension Energies pouring in.  These are New Energies we are anchoring into.  They are of a much higher frequency and are the start of the New Earth.  We are in Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius until the 20th.  We are going through a lot of throat chakra upgrades this Mercury Retrograde.  The Energy the next couple of weeks will help us in clearing the things blocking how we communicate.  Pay attention to the guidance and messages your receiving.  This is how we fine tune our inner voice.  Make sure your being mindful of how you speak with yourself on a daily basis.  We have a lot of clearing that we are doing.  We are clearing the past to make way for the future.  This month is going to help us with seeing things differently.  Next weeks Aquarius New Moon is going to bring a big third eye activation with it.  The last half of the month is going to bring so much healing energy.  Things are Shifting within all of us.  We are being asked to continue to focus on what lies ahead of us.  Aquarius Season is one of the best times to manifest.  Really align with your visions.  This month is all about being of service.  It’s a great time to align with something bigger then yourself.  Since there is such an increase in spiritual energies during this time, a lot of you are connecting with the angels.  It’s an amazing time to receive blessings.  If your seeing angel numbers, it’s a reminder that your loved and on the right path!

photo: @kokeeneva

A Time To Awaken..

Are you ready for this Storm?  This Taurus energy will be subtle, you may not even feel it as it makes its moves.  Get ready for drastic changes, they are coming with this storm.  Two of your most powerful chakras are about to get an upgrade.  Your throat chakra and heart chakra are being cleared out.  This will give us better inter-dimensional access into 4D and 5D.   These are the gateways to the states in consciousness you seek.  A major detoxification is needed to purify the throat chakra.  This integrates you as your Higher Self.  This is your pure state outside of the influence of this reality.  The vibrational frequencies determine your dimensional access.  This Planet is elevating in frequency, unlocking the higher dimensions once again.  Purity is required on ever level.  Purification of the mind, body, and soul.  Let go of the things you are holding on to.  They do not fit in these places.  To access you must do so alone, and unattached.  This is a journey into becoming whole.  You hold the key to this healing and integration.  You must integrate all of your experiences, as aspects of yourself.  Whether your experiencing your lower or higher aspects, they are all reflections of who you are.  Let go of who you once were.  You were chosen for this Ascension for a reason.  It’s time to Awaken to who we really are.