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Once In A Blue Moon…

Incoming Moon Energies and Solar Flares.  These energies are amazing for taking care of things and accomplishing big goals.  These energies are even stronger because this is a Blue Moon.  It’s the 8th Full Moon of 2021 and the Sturgeon Moon.  It’s the second of two Aquarius Full Moon’s that appear during a calendar month.  That means it’s a little more intense then usual.  This Moon will glow a little extra.  This Full Moon is named after the sturgeon fish, which represents depth, knowledge, and strength.  The water symbolises rebirth.  A lot is surfacing within the collective at the moment.  A big changeover is occurring as we continue to transition from the old 3D Earth into the New 5D Earth.  Many are becoming more and more sensitive to these energies.  You came to Earth to heal and activate your DNA.  Expect the Galactic Energies to continue to increase to help us with the process.  We are shifting into Virgo Season tomorrow.  We are entering into a new season, one filled with healing and abundance.  Next month’s Full Moon aligns with the Autumn Equinox.  So it’s a great time to get ready for the fall.  Be grateful and proud of how far you have come.  Many of your manifestations will come to you with the Equinox.  This is an amazing time to connect with the Divine Energies.  It’s a great time to light some candles or to get some flowers for your home.