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We Meditate Next Saturday…

We are meditating December 4th for the Sagittarius Solar Eclipse.  It’s an amazing time to do some healing/ activation work.  It’s a great time from the Eclipse til the Solstice to be connecting with the solar light codes coming in.  The energies of the Eclipse will help us step into a new timeline, that we began back with the Taurus Lunar Eclipse.  The Dec 4th Eclipse will close out or complete an old cycle.  It’s a powerful time to be doing some clearing work through meditation.  Here is the link to sign  up…


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We Meditate Today!

We  are coming together to meditate tonight at 5pm UK time.  That’s noon New York time.  If you can’t catch it live, it always works the same on replay.  It’s a amazing time to tap into and too harness the energies of the Moon.  You just sign up and you will be given access to a private Facebook group we are using just for tonight’s Scorpio Full Moon.  Come join your soul tribe!


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