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On The Energies…

This month brings us a lot of Venus energy.  The first Eclipse, of Eclipse Season, 11/18 is a Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  Taurus is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love.  November’s theme is all about money and relationships.  The energies this month with amplify anything going on with either for you.  Venus is preparing to shift into Capricorn 11/5.  It will remain in this sign til 3/22.  This is a power move and will bring some stability to your love life.  Right now Venus is crossing the Galactic Center.  That means our love lives are being super charged with those energies.  Your heart chakra is being super activated right now.  These energies are very much activating secret chambers within the heart.  As Venus takes center stage this month, this may add some romance to your life.  Venus will reach its brightest 12/7.  This day will bring some major activations with it.  Venus, however, is also preparing for its retrograde that will happen from 12/19 to 01/29.  Venus Retrograde tends to bring up clearing work around relationships.  For some this month may look like more healing.  This week is an amazing time to see Andromeda.  We are still feeling a lot of Andromedan Energies coming at us over the next week.  November is bringing us some amazing energies.  This months Full Moon Eclipse also happens in alignment with the Leonid’s Meteor Shower.  Since it’s an, almost total, Lunar Eclipse we may have a chance to see some amazing shooting stars and meteors.  This month also takes us into some powerful alignments with the Pleiades.  You’ll be feeling the Galactic Energies a little extra this month.  This months Eclipse happens in alignment with the Pleiades.  November is a month that is all about spiritual awakening.  It will take us much deeper into our own ascension process.

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