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An Energy Update…

Happy Equinox! The Portal is now opening fully.  Today is the first day of Spring here in the northern half of the world.  It’s a time to start new projects and to tune into any downloads your receiving.  In the southern half of the world it’s the first day of Autumn.  It’s a time to clear and finish any old projects.  Your now beginning the process of shedding the old.  Your also celebrating all of your hard work and receiving tons of abundance.  The Space Weather is starting to really kick off.  During the beginning of Spring and Fall cracks open in the Earth’s magnetic field. The Solar Winds that pour in really fuel the Geomagnetic Storms.  That means we are in a big stream of Solar Winds right now and expecting some Big Storms this weekend.  Expect a massive surge of energy and some major upgrades.  These energies are bringing a major influx of New Light Codes.  We are going to go through some major DNA Upgrades over the next week.  These energies are also activating the Ley Lines.  The Equinox raises the consciousness of the entire planet.  Big changes are also happening within the Earth’s grids.  These are great energies to be using.  All of this energy can really help you with getting things done.  All of these Cosmic Energies should be giving you an Energy Boost.  You can also expect to have more vivid dreams.  Astral projection becomes a lot easier in these types of energies.  It’s also a great time to connect with the Dragons.  The fairies also come out to dance and play in this space.  Your Spirit Guides and Loved Ones in Spirit are also around you more during this time.

art: @kokeeneva