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On The Energies…

This Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde combined are here to help you clear your past more.  The past is gone, but these energies are to help you clear what remains of it.  You should be getting more clarity with your path that lies ahead of you.  Maybe an idea of what your manifesting, or where your path is headed.  This weekend’s Eclipse is now bringing up the hardest part.  Clearing the resistance.  The deep blockages, the reasons you have not got there quite yet.  This energy could feel quite destructive in that it’s doing a deep clearing of old timelines.  The Universe has been helping you to clear so much.  If you have old stuff coming up, that means it’s time to deal with it.  Scorpio energy is amazing for going deeper.  This could also mean your needing to go deeper into your connections.  This can be intense energies for some.  It’s meant to wake you up more.  That’s why we are needing to purge out the emotional baggage.  We have carried some things for far too long.  These energies are amazing for doing deep inner work, shadow work, and healing traumas.  This means old lovers, friends, and even memories may be surfacing.  If this is happening for you, more healing/ clearing is needed in these areas.  This Scorpio Eclipse carries with it a theme of a phoenix rising from the ashes.  We are rebuilding the New Earth right here in the same space.  It’s about what your manifesting here in the Now.  These are Super Charged Energies so we are manifesting times ten this month.  This Eclipse is also activating your Destiny.  That means your right where your supposed to be with everything.  Trust in any changes that may be occurring right now.  These energies are taking you closer to your Soul Mission.  We are in a major death/ rebirth right now.  The 30th we have a Gemini New Moon.  Until then you may feel your doing some major shedding.


Release The Past..

Too many people are too comfortable residing in their shadow.  What we focus on we continually recreate.  It’s never good to revisit past traumas or negative experiences.  Any time you do, your going to experience those same events again.  We have been programmed energetically to have drawn these lessons to us.  Your ancestral trauma and your past life issues you need to heal are one in the same.  Reincarnation patterns we have to break.  We have Mars in Neptune which will bring up many projection and reflection issues.  Your parents are a reflection of your past incarnations, your children your future.  You can logically process these events.  It’s more about clearing and upgrading the energetic templates you hold.  Energetic debris you must now clear.  This is many of your lives leading to this One.  Simultaneous versions of self colliding in the Now.  You should be figuring out that this is a learning facility in which you are to work on yourself.  Energy always determine what level and lesson your on.  Focus on the light, see the good around you.  You must release your past to create a new future.  We came here collectively to clear any past karma.  Realise everyone you met was just a reflection.  An ever changing, ever expanding Universe.  It’s time to release that shadow to make room for more light.  Many seek to integrate not understanding wholeness is not found in duality.  To integrate darkness Is to hold less light.