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Rockefeller Died..

Omg so Rockefeller died, not a shock. What is a shock is this new age dogma teaching people to love the evil in this world. These ideologies are dangerous and they trap you in the same polarity your trying to liberate yourself from. Real spirituality has been corrupted and distorted and made into something evil. Wow! That sounds like a religion! That’s exactly how soul traps work. While I have conquered all of my own darkness there is real darkness still in this world. You cant have light without this darkness existing. In higher dimensions these polarities cease to exist and the darkness was an illusion. There is only light. ?????


I have seen so many lightworkers posting about how Trump is of light and helping save the planet. I’ve even seen articles where they call him St. Germain. Trump is not of light or he wouldn’t be destroying our water with the Dakota Access Pipeline. Let me break it down for you. The same handful of Elite are running out planet and Trump carries on where Obama left off with the Elites agenda. Actually it’s a sophisticated hologram we live in, so you can’t take things as they seem. Trump is just another false prophet. Maybe people will learn that Trump is just signing things, he has no control over any decisions. The same group is still in power until we decide we have had enough.