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On The Energies…

We continue to move through Mercury Retrograde.  Mercury is set to Shift Direct on the 20th.  That means this week is a good time to continue to reflect on your path ahead.  We are also in the last few days of Aquarius Season.  This week we will be Shifting into Pisces Season.  Pisces Season officially kicks off the 18th.  That means we are about to feel a major Shift in the Energies.  You may be already feeling the dreamy vibes! Pisces Season is going to bring a lot of New Energies with it.  We are going to continue to feel the Galactic Energies as they are continuing to pour in.  Expect a ton of Ascension Upgrades this week.  Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions.  It can be taken as a symbol of transcending duality.  One fish is meant to represent the spiritual dimension and the other the physical/ material world.  We are also Shifting into the element of water.  Water is all about the emotional.  It’s also meant to cleanse, and it will be doing just that.  We are clearing a lot on an emotional level.  We are releasing a lot of stuck emotions and blockages from the body.  That’s why it’s very important that we are doing the required Inner Work.  Make sure your clearing your energy more.  Grounding can also really help with this.  Tensions may also be running high, through next week, as Saturn prepares to Square Uranus.  This year will be bringing about some big changes to the world as we know it.  If you find yourself triggered use it as a guide to your healing.  It’s a great time to start a journal if your processing a lot.  Pay attention to your intuition during this time, it should be getting clearer and clearer.  Expect to really connect with the Dream Dimensions.  This is a great time to be daydreaming about the future.

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On The Energies…

We are going to be really feeling last nights New Moon energy through the rest of the week.  We are still in an Aquarius Stellium through the rest of the month.  Yesterday and today are the strongest days of this Stellium.  All of the planets are completely aligned.  A Stellium really is it’s own Energy Portal.  That means we are making big Shifts right now! We also have a ton of Galactic Energies coming into the planet right now.  We have lots of energies streaming in from Sirius, Orion, Mintaka and the Pleiades.  These High Frequency Light Codes are bringing lots of Light Body Upgrades with them.  We are going up in frequency fast.  If your a Starseed you are probably really feeling these energies.  Remember the trick is to stay High Vibe.  This months energy can be intense as we continue to have a lot of different energies coming in, and lots of powerful alignments.  In a few days Saturn will Square Uranus.  This is the first of three times this alignment will happen this year.  This will be bringing lots of New Energies with it.  Uranus happens to be the ruler of Aquarius.  It’s known as the awakener and is all about freedom.  Saturn is our karmic teacher and is all about structure and rules.  We are going to feel a lot of tension between these two energies as they collide.  This month is assisting us in clearing the old and moving forward with a new perspective.

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