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On The Energies…

Tonight we have a powerful alignment as Jupiter is conjunct Chiron.  They meet up in Aries.  Chiron always spends longer in Aries than any other sign.  Chiron is a healer and a huge activator for our own healing gifts.  This means old wounds may be coming up for healing.  Today’s alignment is bringing up a lot around healing past issues and healing past karma.  It’s giving us a chance to clear past energies and to clear any karmic connections.  Your karmic debt was experienced through your childhood and family situations first.  Then through your first relationships.  This is why it is so important to be clearing the patterns you have been, or may be repeating.  This Week’s Energies may be bringing up past lessons, past love/ relationship blocks, or financial issues.  If it is bringing more healing to these areas.  This may show as healing coming up, needing to do extra energy clearing work, memories surfacing, being in your head a lot, or even people showing up from your past.  This is a is a powerful gateway for your healing.  We have deep root chakra healing coming up.  You are a tree with many roots.  Each root a cord and a connection.  Needing to cut and to clear the negative connections.  The root chakra stores all of the patterns and memories of all of your past lives.  It’s also the chakra we need to focus on healing to really heal and release any and all karmic debt.  Karmic connections come with karmic cords.  These are toxic connections, that usually aren’t good for you or for your energy.  This is a time for shedding connections that are leaving you no more room for growth.  Healing yourself takes time, love, and energy.  Your healing and clearing many generations, and past lifetimes of trauma and karma.  Your ancestors are walking you through this entire process!  We are making a huge shift in the Seasons right now as we move closer and closer to the Spring Equinox.  (Fall for Australia).  All about making plans for the next couple of months ahead.  All about the new seeds we are planting.  Being able to manifest anything, through planting positive intentions daily.  All about tapping into what energizes you right now.  Jupiter spends a lot of this year boosting your confidence and your energy levels.  You’ll feel that lucky streak over the next few months that today’s energies are activating with this alignment!

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Progressing Past Fear..

Let go of fear, when you do it collapses into your probabilities.  Fear is the ultimate enslavement tool.  It keeps you continually choosing the probabilities you don’t want.  There is a collective fear, this comes from not knowing who we are.  We came to remember, this is our liberation.  To vibrate as ourselves once again.  You must progress past this fear, your path lies beyond it.  Fear is a lack of trust in yourself.  Let go, remember why we are here.  This will require you to look past your perspective, to see the design and synchronicity being played out collectively.  You came to create a better reality, yet we are seeing to much manifesting still out of fear.  Your conscious is projecting your reality.  You can create the worst nightmare, a place of fears manifest, or a heaven of sorts pieced together by your very dreams.  Chose your thoughts wisely.