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On The Energies…

The Equinox Portal is open.  We are preparing for the Spring Equinox, which will be Saturday.  This will also Shift us into a new astrological cycle, as the Sun shifts into Aries.  This is the second of the four sky points on the Wheel of the Year.  During this time the length of day and night are equal.  During the Equinox the center of the Sun is directly above the equator.  The Sun is in perfect alignment with the heavens.  That’s why this energy brings some massive upgrades.  We can expect some big energies this week.  During the Equinox, we have cracks that open up the Earth’s electromagnetic field.  This allows waves of highly charged plasma from the Sun to stream in.  These Galactic energies are full of rainbow frequencies and light codes.  The Equinox is meant to be a solar festive.  It’s also a time of rebirth and big changes.  We are making big shifts right now.  We are meant to be celebrating the start of Spring.  The Spring Equinox God, and Goddess are the Green Man and Mother Earth.  It’s a great time to do some spring cleaning.  This weeks energies are meant to help us remove any old or negative energies.  This is a time to be clearing old lessons and old connections.  This will help you to raise your frequency even more.  There are many Sacred Sites, found on the Ley Lines, that align with the Sun and other Cosmic Energies.  The Great Pyramid, and the Sphinx are both aligned with the Equinox.  Avebury Stone Circle is also in alignment with the Equinox.  This is also a Massive Manifestation Portal.  It’s a powerful time to be setting intentions.  We also have Meteors adding to the magic this week.  While the y-Normid may have peaked last night, it will be active until March 28th.  We are passing through debris from ancient comets and asteroids.  Expect lots of Shooting Stars this week.

art: @lyla_ab