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Recommending Energy Work…

I am a healer I deal with healing trauma through energy work.  We have all been through a high level of trauma here on Earth.  Some things you may be experiencing if you have had a high level of trauma karmic issues, relationship issues, money issues, negative mindset, ptsd or ptsd like symptoms, addiction, anxiety, depression, hypersensitivity, stuck in fight or flight mode, disassociation, guilt, anger, sleep issues, exhaustion, tired all the time, not living life, overworking, never being able to relax, memories of the past coming up, and of course illness.  As we are Shifting into the New Earth these energies that are stored within the body are coming up to be cleared.  Ascension is a whole different way of life.  It can take years of deep spiritual work.  We are going to purge out layers of ego, past versions of ourselves, shadow, and trauma.  We have to face any fears, and all of our own stuff.  These are the exact things that have been needing to clear to activate your DNA.  So important that you’re getting healthy and choosing to heal.  Until we awaken to that we tend to stay in the old 3D cycles of suffering.  This can look like staying in karmic patterns, playing out family narratives, living in survival mode, and struggling.  A lot of past life work is coming up.  You need to be at a certain level to go into that type of healing.  This is why suddenly you will have a lot of inner child healing to do once you wake up.  This is also a release of your past life karma, many aren’t ready for those talks yet though.  Your entire life was the biggest past life karmic clearing you have ever been through.  Many of the soul contracts you have worked through were made long before you ever stepped on to Earth.  This requires opening up to new beliefs.  You must shift your belief system to that of the 5D.  That means a gradual clearing of any outdated 3D beliefs is happening.  Activating your 3rd eye.  Shifting into new ways of healing.  The old doesn’t work.  The new is energetic.  Many of you are being called out of the Matrix during this time.  This may not feel good though as your being called to travel different.  You’ll be the Wayshowers into the new though.  The first ones to pave a different path.  Recommending you really work on yourself and your healing during this time.  Make sure you’re with a partner that is doing the same.

Soul Retrieval

This journey is about healing ourselves.  When we go through any type of trauma we lose aspects of ourselves.  Part of our soul leaves the body so that our consciousness can survive whatever is occurring.  People develop issues when this soul fragment does not return.  We often have soul loss occur to us at a young age.  These create splits affecting who we think we are.  This can create ongoing energetic disturbances or negative patterns.  Shamanic healers have the ability to travel outside of linear time.  It’s an ability to revisit these energetic events.  Depression and illness are symptoms of soul loss.  The current systems in place are to mask the spiritual around us.  They use terms like dissociation to describe this.  When you go to therapy and talk about these traumas it makes it much worse.  They are refocusing on your trauma, but not in a healing capacity. This will make the fracture much worse.  You can only heal energetic traumas through energetic healing and you can only heal soul fractures through retrieval.  Our individual souls are connected to entire fields of consciousness.  We are all interconnected through our actions and experiences.  Soul entanglement can also lead to soul fragmentation.  We tend to become entangled with others energetically and through events we experience together.  Usually all parties involved become depleted, from these connections.  We often take on others feelings and shadow side as our own, being unable to differentiate our own energy.  We become intertwined with others through trauma.  These things are usually without a conscious awareness.  We are unconsciously clearing an entire cycle of pain, trauma, and emotional debris right now.  It took us many lives to get to this place of healing for humanity.  We came to heal our past from the Now.