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Solar Eclipse Energy Report…

We are in such a powerful space as we prepare for tomorrow’s New Moon in Sagittarius.  It’s also a Solar Eclipse.  We will feel this Eclipse a little extra as we are still feeling all of the energy from yesterday’s 12:12 Portal.  This is a major Manifestation Gateway.  Only think about your highest timelines right now.  These energies are full of abundance.  This will be the final Eclipse of the year and will be leading us into the Winter Solstice.  Powerful portals are opening between Heaven and Earth.  Both last months Eclipse, and this months Eclipse are activating the lunar nodes.  That means it’s helping to clear and activate us, as well. The nodes rule our past and future.  Last months Eclipse helped us clear more of our past.  It showed us what we need to heal.  Tomorrow’s Eclipse will make your future more clear.  It will be activating more of your destiny.  This Eclipse should shine a light on your path.  Since Eclipses occur on the lunar nodes they bring about massive change and transformation.  This will really help us with our ascension as we have big changes ahead of us.  The Sun is also coming in alignment with the Galactic Center.  This means we are going to be receiving more and more energy from the Central Sun.  Tons of light codes are coming in.  We are going to go through some major light body upgrades this week.  If you need a recharge, take time to do so.  Your body is preparing for the upgrades ahead.  You may need to rest up for the Winter Solstice.  We are going through some major energy shifts.  This is a powerful time to be doing any healing or energy work.  Make sure your meditating during this time as well.  This is a really good time to be meditating on your future or to be seeding your intentions with the New Moon.

On The Energies..

We are not just in Mercury Retrograde, but we are finishing our tour of the underworld.  From now until the Spring Equinox we will continue to experience a tower moment.  Anything not in alignment with us must go.  We are going to see a crumbling of the old, so it’s very important that your staying grounded into the Now.  This is a time of a huge transition on this Planet.  We have a lot of powerful alignments and energies that will play out across March.  People are starting to see and feel the effects of these energies more and more.  This is a time of the subconscious.  We are doing a lot of releasing of outdated programming and habits no longer serving us.  If your past has been coming up its time to release it.  We are going to do some deep inner healing the next several months.  Through shedding the old we shift into the new.  Tomorrow Venus returns to her home sign in Taurus so things will lighten up in your love life.  Many are noticing an increase in synchronicity, miracles and feeling in alignment during this time.  Mercury Retrograde is the best time to get organised or to tidy up in your life.  March 9th we have a Super Full Moon In Virgo.  We are in a rare Super Moon Season until May.  We will be feeling the effects of this full moon as it’s sure to stir up any old traumas or any past wounds of not feeling good enough.  This Moon will carry us into the energies of the Equinox.

Preparing To Shift..

We have a lot of energies coming into the Planet at this time. Many people are experiencing a spiritual awakening during this time. Those that are awake are becoming more and more tuned in to the different energies around them. As your frequency is rising, your perception is expanding. We are realising that this Planet has become very psychically polluted. There is a need to purify. Take time to detox your physical body. Take better care of your own energy during this time. Your going to become more and more sensitive to anything not in alignment with your own energy. Autumn has arrived and it’s important that we recognise just as the Earth shifts seasons, so do we. Your not the same person you were a few months ago, let alone years ago. It’s important that as your making these internal shifts that your discarding anything no longer a reflection of who you are. Let go of the things weighing you down. If something is stressing you out, recognise it’s no longer in alignment with you. The Autumn Equinox is Monday. This time of year is when the veil is the thinnest. This is a time when the dimensions are merged into one, making the other realms more accessible. Many of you are seeing messages encoded in your everyday life. Synchronicities, number codes, dreams, deja vu, messages from loved ones and ancestors. This is also a time for love, manifestation and miracles. This high frequency energy is changing the dynamics of reality as we know it. It’s pushing us to go deeper within. We will continue to heal and release more as we approach the Equinox.