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Scorpio Season…

This week is about to get intense.  What a storm we are headed into.  We have a ton of Galactic energies beginning to stream in.  The Sun is about to shift into Scorpio.  Get ready to go deep this Scorpio Season as our shadow is calling for more love and healing.  Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, God of the Underworld.  It also is ruled by Mars, which is still in Retrograde.  That means this Scorpio Season is bringing more of an edge with it.  We also have Mercury in Retrograde.  We have been seeing massive shifts when it comes to the masculine template.  2020 has been a year of massive clearing.  As we wrap the year up we are going to continue to release and clear a lot of deep karmic patterns, and programs no longer serving us.  All of these retrogrades have been assisting us, in helping, purge out many things within our ancestral lines.  Mercury Retrograde is now going to help us to clear many programs coming from the unconscious.  The negativity is clearing though on a deep level.  These alignments are intense but are here to assist us in opening up to more love.  We are also still feeling the effects of Venus opposite Neptune Retrograde.  This may be making people extra dreamy or even foggy.  It’s also been heightening our dreams and even psychic awareness.  It’s also been showing us in which ways we have been blocking love.  Scorpio Season is all about passion and what lies beneath.  This is a powerful time for a transformation to occur, especially in relationships.  We have a theme of the Phoenix going on.  It’s out of the ashes we arise to create the new.  This whole experience has always been about what type of person we are choosing to become.  We are going through a lot of upgrades fast so this is a powerful time to be doing more cleansing and clearing energetically.  It’s a great time to use sage, palo santo, or oven some incense.  This Scorpio Season you will be shown the deeper work that needs to be done.

On The Energies…

We have a lot of different energies effecting us right now.  We are still in Venus Retrograde until June 25th.  This may be affecting your relationships and finances right now.  We are still in Retrograde Season, and it’s bringing your past relationship issues up to be cleansed.  We still have a lot of blockages to release regarding our love lives and our relationship with how we feel about money.  Your not meant to be going back to any past partners.  You will have a lot coming to the surface that still needs healed though.  Pay attention to what is coming up for you during this time.  We are wrapping up Gemini Season, and adjusting to a Mercury’s pre-retrograde shadow phase.  Since Mercury is going to shift into Retrograde the 18th it may be adding some strain to relationships.  Watch out for any ego battles as communication may be somewhat unclear during this time.  It’s easy to get the wrong message.  We are still in the Eclipse Gateway and we are getting ready for next weeks Summer Solstice.  We can expect this to be a major event with some massive spikes in the waves of energy.  This Solstice on the 20th will be a little extra as we have a shift into Cancer Season and a Solar Eclipse the 21st.  This Ring of Fire Eclipse will also take place on Fathers Day! Lots of energies are meant to be clearing a way.  We have a lot of karma continuing to release.  It’s important that we are finding more balance right now.  These Eclipse energies are powerful and we can use them to clear a lot.  They are also great manifesting energies! I would be using this time to slow down and heal.  But also make a plan.  This all comes back to what you want to experience and create while your here.  We can expect the Solstice to really shift things for us.  This is a powerful time for the Sun which is playing a huge role in our awakening right now.  Use this fire energy to clear your path.  Past stuff resurfacing, time to do some deeper clearing.  It’s time to release the past so that we can fully step into something new.  It’s a good time to forgive and release.

On The Energies..

We are not just in Mercury Retrograde, but we are finishing our tour of the underworld.  From now until the Spring Equinox we will continue to experience a tower moment.  Anything not in alignment with us must go.  We are going to see a crumbling of the old, so it’s very important that your staying grounded into the Now.  This is a time of a huge transition on this Planet.  We have a lot of powerful alignments and energies that will play out across March.  People are starting to see and feel the effects of these energies more and more.  This is a time of the subconscious.  We are doing a lot of releasing of outdated programming and habits no longer serving us.  If your past has been coming up its time to release it.  We are going to do some deep inner healing the next several months.  Through shedding the old we shift into the new.  Tomorrow Venus returns to her home sign in Taurus so things will lighten up in your love life.  Many are noticing an increase in synchronicity, miracles and feeling in alignment during this time.  Mercury Retrograde is the best time to get organised or to tidy up in your life.  March 9th we have a Super Full Moon In Virgo.  We are in a rare Super Moon Season until May.  We will be feeling the effects of this full moon as it’s sure to stir up any old traumas or any past wounds of not feeling good enough.  This Moon will carry us into the energies of the Equinox.