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On The Energies…

We are in a Memorial Day Meteor Shower.  May 30th- 31st we are in the Tau Herculids Meteor Storm.  We can expect 1,000 shooting stars per hour overnight Monday as the Earth passes through debris from Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3.  We can expect Fireballs, Solar Flares, Shooting Stars, and a Meteor Storm with tonight’s Gemini New Moon.  That’s quite the mix of Cosmic Energies we have been feeling, and integrating lately.  Today’s Gemini New Moon is bringing New Energies, and a chance to get back on track.  Eclipse Season has shown us the major blocks, these energies are to help in moving past and healing what’s come up.  For some that may have been a major release.  It’s so important that we are clearing any negativity from our system right now.  Things are materializing fast within these Energies so make sure your staying positive right now.  With today’s energy it’s a good time to daydream about what you want.  Shooting Stars are always adding magic to the energies.  It’s an amazing sign.  It’s meant to bring a change in luck.  Stars also fortell our future.  They bring us Divine Guidance.  That means they help us through big changes.  Expect a burst of positive energies. There is magic in the air.  That makes this New Moon powerful in shifting us towards that next chapter.

art: @iambrandon747