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New Languages of Light

As these new influxes of light are hitting our planet, and our DNA is being activated, new languages are coming through. A lot of you are being asked to focus on symbols or light languages. But even those will become outdated as a new energy centered telepathy is achieved. Words will no longer be used, as telepathy is centered around images. Your being asked to draw the symbols your bringing back from your dream or meditation experiences. Each image is a doorway into your memory bank. Use these images to access your Akashic records through meditation.


We are going back to telepathy, which would be communication without words. Other civilizations live differently and words are regarded differently. Words are spells that’s why it’s so dangerous to be throwing out so many words and labels. We are going back to mind communication. Words will become obsolete because are those of us that use telepathy. We are going back to light language. Light language is an inter-dimensional language that is understood in a soul level. Your heart chakra is well versed in light language. Light language heals in a way that words never will.