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Public service announcement: Don’t judge my path because I can see where I end up. Judging lowers your vibration so when you feel your in a position to judge me, your actually judging Gods work. I am a masterpiece still being molded into that ultimate form. When we judge the art we are in fact judging the sculptor. In fact your words aren’t even about me. There are actually about you. Focus on yourself and work on cultivating your own light and healing. Amazing that you think your above I any way, I know the truth we are all equal. If my truth is triggering you then you have things to work on not me. P.S. Sparks and I are going to vibrate out of here, and anyone is welcome to come with us, we would never judge anyone.

Judging My Spiritual Path

For anyone that would like to judge my spiritual path in anyway…

I have lived hundreds of thousands of lives, I don’t remember them all, but I remember a lot of them. I am still waking up to who I am and where I am from, just like most of you. I have my soul blueprint and I am working on my spiritual mission with my twin flame and an amazing soul group. Learning is infinite and I’m going to continue to seek the truth and to speak my truth. I am familiar with your religions, all of them. I am well versed in Christianity, Gnosticism, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Wicca, and many others. I am older then any of these religions though. When you get into spirituality you start to see things for what they are. I refer to a lot of these as amazing sources for knowledge, but I refuse to let any of them oppress me. I haven’t had an easy journey getting here, but I will tell you that my religion now is Love. My mission is to lift the entires planets vibration with Divine love. This love can transmute even the darkest of souls, any pain, any suffering, absolutely anything! Divine love is what is going to heal this planet. I am using my light to help others out of darkness, this out job, and our responsibility. I’m sorry if you can’t relate, but I am from a place where all I have left is love and that is my mission. (Judging lowers your vibration)