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Anubis was regarded as the God of death. He is the oldest and most popular ancient Egyptian God. He was so highly regarded because he had tremendous power over not only their spiritual bodies, but their physical bodies as well when they died. Osiris later took over a lot of these myths as God of death. Anubis was actually a Guardian of the scales. He decided the fate of souls. In the Book of the Dead Anubis weighs the descendants heart against the weight of a feather. The feather represents truth, of purity. If the heart is heavier the person would be consumed by Ammit, a female demon and recycled back here. If the scale tipped toward the feather Anubis would lead the descendent to Osiris so they could ascend to heaven. How will your heart weigh?

Balancing The Yin and Yang

Men use more logic, and woman rely mostly on intuition. Men use the left side of their brains, and woman use the right side. The truth is we need balance in both these aspects. Our society today is indoctrinating people with all left brained activities. We are working on getting rid of any lower frequencies on a planetary level, from microcosmic to macrocosmic. Everyone’s chakras need to be open and in harmony with the higher frequencies of light and love. We are all here to balance the male and female energies of twin flame union. This is a balancing process, we begin by balancing ourselves. When we are in harmony with ourselves we can reunite and come into balance with your twin. This is the God and Goddess coming together and merging there love into Sacred Marriage. We must find a balance to logic and intuition. We are all equal, no one is ever above another. The goal is peace, love, and harmony.