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Incoming Energies…

We have lots of Cosmic Energies merging together right now.  A CME has arrived.  We will continue to feel the effects over the next couple of days.  We are feeling lots of solar winds right now.  We are in a KP index 7 Storm right now. Which is quite high.  Despite that, the Schumann Resonance has been very calm.  These energies are bringing some powerful DNA activations with them.  This week we have tons of Orion, Pleiadian and Sirian energies streaming in.  This weekend we have the 12:12 Portal.  It’s also the peak of the Geminids Meteor Shower.  That means there is a chance you may even see some rainbow coloured shooting stars.  Our Planet is passing through the dust and debris from an asteroid.  This is the final Meteor Shower of the year, and also the best one.  We can expect it to be raining down  fireballs, and even blue, yellow, red, and green stars.  Let’s just say there is extra magic in the air and is the perfect time to make a wish on a shooting star.  Monday we have our New Moon, also a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius.  This final Eclipse of the year is going to open up and anchor us into some powerful energies.  Next week the Sun aligns with the Galactic Center.  At this point some major energy is going to open up and steam in from the Central Sun preparing us for the Winter Solstice.  Expect some major light body upgrades.  The rest of this month will be full of light codes and much higher frequencies.  These are the energies of 2021 we are beginning to feel.  Make sure your using this Eclipse Gateway.  It can be powerful for manifesting or healing.  We are feeling the energies of Monday’s New Moon amplified by the next Solar Eclipse.  It’s the perfect time to be setting some positive intentions or to be meditating.

Preparing For The Event…

On September 2, 1859 the Carrington Event occurred.  This was a CME that hit Earth.  This CME overpowered the Earth’s protective magnetic field.  This was a storm of charged particles sent by the Sun that slammed into our atmosphere.  This spewed electrified subatomic particles towards our Planet, full of electromagnetic radiation.  This was the largest geomagnetic storm ever recorded on this Planet.  This caused havoc on the ground.  The entire Planet saw a white light flare.   Auroras were seen around the world.  It was so bright the night turned to day.  It shut down and fried out any technology.  It shut down the telegraph systems and set fire to many of their systems.  We kicked off this ascension in 2012.  In 2012 we saw a solar storm that didn’t even hit us that shut down grids in several countries.

Wait what does this have to do with where we are at now?

We are preparing for the Event now.  which will be a solar flash of such magnitude that not only will the entire Planet see it, everyone will be affected.  There would be damage to any technology and power grids.  You can see that the amount of energy coming into this Planet is having serious affects and intensifying.  These waves of energy are to prepare us for this final Event.  There are many not disclosing these events to keep humanity in the dark.  NASA has put out a warning last month that “We will see another solar storm similar to the Carrington Event that will decimate Earth.”  We are Shifting into a solar minimum.  That means the frequency of Solar flares will intensify.  This means that many magnetic field lines must cross each other, releasing huge amounts of energy.