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On The Energies…

The Moon is aligned with the Pleiades today.  Today is a powerful Pleiadian Portal Day.  Today is the last of the 4 Galactic Activation Portal Days that came with March.  Tonight our Waxing Crescent Moon will pass by the Pleiades star system.  It will align with and sit right beside the Pleiades.  A powerful day for connecting with the energies and your feelings.  Allowing your Soul to guide you.  You’ll know by how it feels!  Major crown chakra and third eye activations happening.  You may be hearing frequencies or buzzing, feeling tingling in your crown chakra, vibrations, waves energy in the body, pressure in your third eye, heart chakra purging and opening, solar plexus upgrades in these energies.  Ascension is getting physical the rest of the month.  You’re adjusting to a lot of different energies right now.  It’s a lot to integrate.  Extra self care.  Stay positive and focus on your healing and your goals.  Things are manifesting very fast right now.  Focus on an image of your dream life!  Pleiadian Energies are powerful for helping us to raise our frequency and to heal.  It’s a powerful day for love and healing.  Today is a powerful Pleiadian Twin Flame Gateway.  That means these energies are great for your love life no matter what your situation.  That Pink Moon in Libra April 6th will be amazing for your love life too.  Expect the stars to really align for you over the next few months.  Mars shifts into Cancer today until May 20th too.  Great for balancing your energy and emotions.  We are still in that Healing Portal from the Jupiter Chiron conjunction that happened earlier this month.  Today is the last day.  Can be emotionally triggering then.  That means expect to wrap up the last two weeks of lessons today.  Whatever has come up in your healing in this time, time to let it go.  March 28th 5 planets will align.  Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus are all set to align in a rare 5 Planet Arc.


March Gateway Days…

3:11 Jupiter Conjunct Chiron – Major Healing Gateway.

3:13 Galactic Activation Portal Day.

3:16 Venus Enters Taurus Major Relationship/ Twin Flame Gateway.  Major Shift Day.

3:17 Galactic Activation Portal Day.  Major Shift Day.

3:20 Equinox.  Fairy Gateway.  Pleiadian Gateway.

3:21 Shift into Aries Season.

3:22 Aries New Moon.

3:23 Pluto Enters Aquarius – First Time Since the 18th Century.

3:24 Galactic Activation Portal Day.  Major Shift Day.

3:25 Galactic Activation Portal Day.  Major Twin Flame Portal.

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