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Super Full Moon in Scorpio…

We have a lot of energetic changes ahead of us.  We are learning how to navigate new frequencies.  Tonight’s Full Moon in Scorpio is the end of this Supermoon Season we have been in.  It’s the last Supermoon of the year.  It’s been a deep release for many this past few months.  This year we have a huge focus on making the subconscious conscious. Many are awakening or becoming more aware with these energies.  This energy may feel intense for many.  It tends to amplify how your already feeling.  That’s why it’s very important that we are focused on love and healing.  The veil is still at a very thin place this week.  There are many messages and gifts being brought through.  This month will bring with it a lot of transformation.  We are instant manifesting in these energies.  Next week we go into Retrograde Season.  This Retrograde Season will help prepare us to enter June.  June will shift us into Eclipse Season.  Don’t fall into the shadow side of this Scorpio Full Moon which is jealous, controlling, or possessive.  Use this energy to release the past, or to explore your psychic abilities.  You should be feeling extra tuned in right now.

Full Blue Moon Tomorrow..

Tomorrow we have a Full Moon in Scorpio.  This is a Blue Moon and one that’s been long awaited.  Scorpio represents death and rebirth, and the Moon will be leading us into a spiritual transformation.  We are building the foundation for our new lives.  We do this first energetically.  This energy is pushing you to set aside your ego to heal deeper.  This energy will be getting very intense, but there is an element of magic in the air.  This energy is trying to guide you to a better alignment.  We are being asked to remain in gratitude to create more of the abundance we deserve.  While the Taurus energy is slow this month, it is powerful in manifesting.  Creating balance will continue to be our theme for the next few months.  Go within, clear your inner realms of self.  Anything unhealed must be realised now.  This Moon represents Buddha Wisdom.  It’s meant to push us towards enlightenment ultimately, this may look more like a purge though for some.