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On The Energies…

Jupiter is doing big things over the next week! June 1st Jupiter aligns with the North Node.  Bringing Destined undertones to the energies going on right now.  June 3rd/4th is our Sagittarius Full Moon.  Sagittarius sits right at the middle, or the core of our Milky Way Galaxy.  This Moon aligns with our Galactic Center and The Great Attracter.  The Great Attractor is mysterious galactic anomaly at the center of our galaxy.  It’s a Supermassive Black Hole located 14° of Sagittarius.  It’s a region of space that is the center of attraction for all matter in the Universe.  Our Milky Way Galaxy is actually speeding through the emptiness of space towards The Great Attractor.  We are going to be feeling extra gravitational pull with this one.  You’re so magnetic to your destiny and your manifestations right now!!  Expect a lot of positive energies and positive shifts in the right direction.  Sagittarius is the archer, and the centaur, but also protector of the Galaxy! Sagittarius is also ruled by Jupiter!  This Moon is also ruled by Jupiter which will have just arrived in Taurus conjunct the Node of Fate.  Jupiter is set to form a Grand Fixed Cross with Pluto, Mars, and the Nodes.  Expect Massive Galactic Energies.  Expect fated events to be playing out behind the scenes right now.  Pay attention if you’re guided to reach out to anyone during this time.  This is the Strawberry Moon, or Rose Moon.  It’s also called a Short Moon.  It puts on one of the shortest appearances of any of the Full Moons of the year.  June 4th we also have the Summer Triangle.  The triangle links the 3 bright stars of Altair, Deneb and Vega in the constellations of Aquila, Cygnus, and Lyra.  That means expect a lot of Lyran Energies and Light Codes.

art: @zataylor