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An Energy Report…

Today we have a powerful alignment between Jupiter and Neptune.  This is bringing a lot of positive energy with it.  Make sure your paying attention to any messages your receiving during this time.  We have shifted into Pisces and we have a New Moon in Pisces this Sunday.  We have Mercury that just shifted into Retrograde.  This is a powerful time for the spiritual.  A lot of people are feeling all of the psychic energy that has come with this shift.  Mercury Retrograde seems to have a bad reputation, but that is so not true.  When we go into Mercury Retrograde it shifts the collective energy field.  It’s meant to purge out any negativity or stagnant energy.  We are at a place where we can no longer blame anything external including the Planets.  These shifts are only ever stirring up what lies underneath.  If you have negativity surfacing, it was already there and needs to be released.  There is much about the unconscious we have yet to understand.  Regardless this energy is going to take us to deeper levels.  This energy is powerful for manifesting.  As the energies increase there is less resistance.  We have reached a period of instant manifestation.  Our reality is only ever mirroring back our own ideas or how we feel about things.  Many of you are seeing an increase in synchronicity, or will be much more lucid in your dreams.  It’s important that your taking much better care of yourself as we move forward with this ascension.  This energy will be amazing for love and relationships.  Pisces is all about fairy tale romance.  Many of you are becoming more and more telepathically tuned in.  Many people are just beginning to awaken to their psychic gifts.  We are also receiving a lot of light codes during this time.  Take time to ground into these new frequencies.

Energy Update

The mystical experience is a spiritual experience that is sacred. A religious experience is one that is a subjective experience that is inside the limits of a framework of that religion. I am trying to liberate my brothers and sisters that are awake yet trapped in 4D by spiritual dogma and duality. The amazing thing about this is we all have amazing intuition. Go with what resonates with you, but use your third eye, as reptiles are very advanced. Have no fear, you have angels all around you. Protection is our expertise. We must vibrate higher to do that you must stop looking back. Every minute of everyday you have a choice of love and fear and this choice is determining your destiny. Remember you control every circumstance of your life, you determine the things your attracting. You can improve things simply by raising your vibration. Work on strengthening your intuition and remember we are all being upgraded and tested right now. Make good choices, spiritual purity is the goal! A lot of people are missing the mark, look for those that are willing to work with you not against you. Make sure people’s word matches their intent, watch out for traps, they come in all shapes and sizes! Remember we are all One, but some people are choosing to remain separate. Simply stay focused on merging back into One with your soul group. #6D