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Recommending More Healing…

You want to find a good healer.  It’s so important that you are working with a good teacher that has worked through their own ascension process.  This is going to help you so much energetically.  The rest of 2022 is all about doing the healing and activation work.  Ascension moves you into a higher frequency and vibrations.  That means there is a lot to clear within the body as you’re moving through the process.  Energy healing is your best friend right now.  In a basic way all that stored trauma, and old baggage is being pulled to the surface.  If we don’t clear it, it makes you feel tired, weighed down, or sick.  We are moving through some major energies.  You will intuitively know what to be working on.  We can’t take the old into the new.  That means everything will need to be cleared and healed on an energetic level.  A lot of people have spirit or energetic attachments, or parasites affecting their energy.  This is why you may feel triggered or anxious.  A lot of people have major issues around their connections and are needing to cut their cords.  They remain connected to people and situations that are negative or draining for your energy.  A huge red flag is remaining corded or connected to past lovers or people you have had sex with in any way.  Your ascension will need to be the biggest clean up of your life energetically.  Many still have a ton of unresolved karmic debt.  This means past karma still playing out, or being stuck in major karmic cycles.  So many people are still in old 3D programs when it comes to their finances and relationships.  Many of you have allowed your partners to come merge or dump their karma on to you, and then leave.  You have taken on way too much of what was never yours.  You will need to clear and heal the financial and love blocks.  We are clearing so much within the family lines.  We are clearing and healing so many deep layers of trauma.  Deep wounds needing to be acknowledged and worked on.  Most of your issues come from unresolved childhood wounds still playing out within your energy field.  Many of you have been through some serious warefare and even spiritual attacks on your energy.  Many of you still have major spiritual blocks around your abilities, and psychic gifts.  We are also needing to clear, clean, heal, and activate our DNA.  You should be maintaining your energy and spiritual energy regularly.  If you are an empath you are picking up even more.  Empaths are like literal sponges to the energies around them.  You probably need extra protection as well.  It’s so important that you’re clearing and healing things in an energetic level.  I offer so many healing sessions on my website.  I always say go with what you’re guided to when you’re picking any healing sessions.

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