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On The Energies…

Lots of energy flowing in.  Today is a Galactic Activation Portal Day.  Galactic Activation Portal Days are the energy nodes, or time wave intersections between Earth and Galactic time.  As these two cycles merge they create an accelerated, or amplified frequency.  It also opens us up to be able to tap into more cosmic knowledge.  Today is a day for healing and working with the energies.  It’s a time where we can realign with the Cosmic Energies.  The Universal Energies are very high on these days.  That makes it great for raising our own vibrational frequency.  We are Shifting into Higher Energies.  The veil between worlds is thin.  That means we can tap in more.  It’s a great time to be doing work with the Akashic Records.  We can shift into higher dimensions more easily on these days.  These are powerful days for manifestation.  These are the energies to work with for healing and activating our DNA.  We had a plasma eruption from the Sun 2 days ago that is expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field 3:15.  So we are getting ready to move through some more geomagnetic storms.  You may find you’re tired, having ascension symptoms, emotional, stressed, or even easily triggered.  That is because of a release happening as we prepare for the Equinox.  Expect the next week ahead to bring some intense energies leading up to the Equinox.  We are receiving extra energies from Orion and Sirius right now.  The Pleiades are also Rising and next week the Moon will super merge with a lot of Pleiadian Energies.  3:24 and 3:25 the Moon will be near Venus and the Pleiades.  3:26 and 3:27 the Moon will be near Mars and the Pleiades.  Expect miracles, abundance, and ideas that will move you forward over the next couple of weeks.

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Incoming Solar Storms…

Huge incoming Solar Storm.  But why should we care? Look around something is going on. Most of you can feel it on such a soul level, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.  Things are not as they seem.  Something huge is happening, and to our entire Planet.  There is a reason suddenly everyone isn’t feeling so good.  Right now we have things kicking off with the Sun for the Lions Gate.  We have a huge Sunspot kicking off, and it’s almost directly facing Earth.  We are just waiting for one of these to hit us just right, and it will kick off a Solar Flash Event.  Something we are currently not ready for.  In the meantime we may want to be concerned with two things.  Why the people in charge are not trying to help everyone with this.  Why they would not tell us at all.  Why the huge attempt to cover it all up.  We have negative aliens here that are completely trying to trash our Planet.  They have already swooped with most people not noticing, and have already done such a job at what they have already done in the past to so many Planets.  I feel the people in charge are working with them. Yes, they have sold us all out in so many ways.  Worse yet they have spun so much illusion to try to pull us back into there bad version of 3D reality.  Which is poverty, suffering, and disease.  This is confusing many.  We may want to be concerned with the amount of people getting sick from these energies.  Lots of incoming radiation.  This will defy everything we think we know about science too.  This is more of a Cosmic Radiation.  Exposure to this type of radiation can damage the heart leading to heart diseases and heart attacks.  It can cause major organ failure and cancers.  It can clearly make people very sick too.  It’s so important that your learning how to move different in these energies.  If your tired rest.  If your sick make sure your healing and finding a good healer.  Make sure your detoxing and taking care of your body.  Limit or avoid any alcohol.  If you can tune in help those around you.  How we take care of the people that need it in the future will be so important.  In the end it will be remembered that those in charge made it worse.  Worse yet they found a way to make a lot of money off of all this.  They were making money if they could keep you sick.  I’ve talked for years about them actually poisoning us.  In a minute that Solar Flash Event will change life as we know it on this Planet.  None of us will have any warning either.  It will just happen in an instant.  We know as we move deeper into this Sun Cycle the energies will get more and more intense.  I do believe when we talk Solar Flash Event we are talking the grid goes out.  That’s why it’s so important that you are finding and staying in your light.  Shift your heart to service.  Be there to offer more love, kindness, and compassion.  Help anyone you see in need.  The Planet is struggling and it doesn’t need to be this way.  It is so important that we are coming together.  Help one another.  It may be time to live different.  We may be guided to create different types of living or communities.  We have people with no food.  If you see someone hungry feed them.  We have a huge housing crisis and people all over the street.  If you have a friend that has no where to stay, or family and you have a whole house, help them!  No one has all the pieces.  It will matter how we came together to share what we did have!

On The Energies..

Things have shifted and will continue to shift around us.  We have a powerful astrology for self discovery.  These energies are encouraging you to go within.  This is a time for reflection.  The Eclipse energies are creating an energetic reset.  This space is to move us to a higher frequency.  We are being encouraged to continue to purge out anything not serving us.  For a lot of us this may be programming not serving us.  We have many retrogrades giving us a much clearer perspective of ourselves.  For so long our ego has been convincing us we are healed.  This Chiron retrograde is pushing you to go deeper, we have more to clear.  Any unhealed aspects affect how you perceive things.  The things you have outgrown need to be left behind.  This Eclipse marks the start of a new cycle of energy.  This is an amazing energy to manifest.  Stay pure with your thoughts as we begin to enter into this new Gateway.