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On The Energies…

Saturday’s Virgo New Moon aligns with Draco. Draco the Dragon can be seen over us right now. This constellation is snaking it’s way across the sky. The sky tends to tell us a deeper Galactic story. A record of our history and where we came from. Draco is home to the Alpha Draconians which are linked to different lizard or dragon races. These energies will be bringing up a lot now, within our awakening. There are Draco Reptilians that have had a grip on our world. The galactic wars really began millions of years ago. The divide was cast by service to self, or service to other groups. A group was formed of human, hybrid, and reptilian races. Their aim colonization. This group was The Empire. The Galactic Federation is a service to others group. It’s made up of many Galactic races that came together to help our Universe. The Orion Wars were wars between The Galactic Federation and The Empire. Most of the destruction happened on Orion. Some of these wars were against the Elohim, and the Angels too. At some point in Earth’s early history, the Orion/ Draconian Empire came to Earth. They set out to conquer our world. They had destroyed many Planets and Star Systems already. Many of the wars on Earth in our lifetime now have been a reflection of greater struggles. They have taken over much of it from the top. They feed on our negative energy. That are masters of creating illusions to get the energies they need. Many of the Starseeds here contracted through The Galactic Federation to be here. Many of you came from all corners of the Universe to be here right now. All eyes are on Earth right now. Some of you may have came into families with heavy Draco DNA. This is why we are seeing so many issues in the DNA. It’s something you would always carry. Something encoded deep inside. If you resonate with having come into one of these type of bloodlines it may have affected your energy wiring, or you may have struggled with a heavier karmic load. Many Draco’s are in the military, or involved with the government. Trickling awful cycles of karma down to their children. We have shadow aspects coming up with this weeks energies. You may be understanding your own past life connection to this story on a deeper level. This may explain things about negative beings that have been around you, learning with you. Often times these shadow aspects reflect power plays and control dramas, and using money to control. You may be clearing extra toxins right now.