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On The Energies…

If we want to make our world a better place you have to start with your inner world.  Always be working on your energy, as your external world is always just a response to your energy and thoughts.  It’s always just a reflection of what’s going on with you.  Treat your body as your temple.  Recommending more Reiki, grounding, nature, detoxing, vitamins, and vegetables.  We are purging out a lifetime of toxins in these energies.  We are in a major purifying cycle right now as we Shift towards Imbolc.  You may be having more and more vivid dreams, and more astral experiences right now.  You may find your dreams mirroring this dimension more and more.  You may be having a harder and harder time in telling if something happened in a dream or here.  This may come through as remembering events that others don’t, or didn’t happen, and getting deja vu as you have done this before and have seen many events before they will occur.  Let’s just say there is a lot going on for you right now on many levels.  As more and more awaken during this time, more and more lightworkers will be born.  Lightworkers are advanced soul that are here to assist with the ascension.  They help to clear and transmute darkness into light.  They also hold the light for the Planet.  More and more are Shifting into their Starseed Roles.  Awakening is all about connecting with your soul and its greater mission and purpose.

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Energy Update…

I hope everyone is feeling the power behind these energies.  Many people are in a state of confusion about what is actually occurring during this time.  Don’t be distracted by anything the media is portraying.  There has always been an agenda to keep humanity at a low frequency.  This is always done through fear.  The frequencies are rising and the collective is feeling it.  It’s important that we are raising our spiritual frequency.  As the frequencies and energies continue to elevate, anything not good for us, is going to rise with them.  Most people were unaware of a dark agenda that was playing out behind the scenes.  This is no more.  Everything is frequency based and the lower frequencies are dissipating.  While the media is portraying a reveal it’s actually an attempt to conceal what is actually occurring.  Just know that if you focus on healing it will help heal the collective.  Most people have been overloaded with toxins at this point.  Many people have been vaccinated, containing live viruses.   We are seeing the effects of many negative technologies at the same time.  As these frequencies continue to go up they will continue to activate these things within the body, pushing people to release them.  It’s very important that we are physically detoxing and purifying during this time.  We will continue to release any outdated programs from now until May as we have a ton of lunar energies affecting us during this time.  This is actually a purification so that we are ready for the energies of the Equinox.  We are about to enter a new beginning a new cycle energetically.  It’s very important that we are taking good care of ourselves as we make this climb.  Pay attention to your body and how your feeling.  It’s always communicating with you.  Tune into the spiritual now, it’s all around you.  If your feeling overwhelmed make sure your taking time out to meditate and recharge.  I always think the Equinox is one of the biggest shifts of the year.  It has the potential to tear things down in a big way.  Please remember though if something is going let it.  This next shift will take us somewhere new energetically.  Many have been working hard and it’s paying off.

Changes In The Resonance

The Schumann Resonance hit a powerful spike of 79 Hz today.  These changes in these fields of energy affect the charge inside of our bodies.  The Planet communicates with us in the language of frequencies.  We are always in complete synch with the Planets frequencies.  We have a lot of geomagnetic energies hitting us right now.  With this ascension many people are becoming more and more sensitive to these energies.  Here are some common symptoms you may be experiencing with these energy shifts: 

-Unexplained anxiety.

-Heart palpitations, chest pain, or fluttering. 


-Mood swings.


-Loss of appetite.

-Headaches or migraines, the feeling of pressure in your head.

-Feeling off, agitated, or uneasy.

-Tired, or exhausted. 

-Nausea, stomach issues. 

-Increase In blood pressure.

-Hot flashes

-High pitched ringing of the ears, buzzing. 

-Feeling confused or lost. 

-Sleep issues, sleep disturbances. 

-Moody, irritable, sadness, depression, emotional purging. 

-Paranormal experiences. 

-Technical issues such as devices going crazy. 

If your feeling out of alignment energetically or blocked I would recommend setting up a chakra clearing or energetic balancing..