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Crop Circles!

Last weekend we went to Stonehenge! It was a beautiful experience to.  This weekend we are going to visit a Crop Circle.  This month we have some powerful energies coming through.  We are actually in the middle of some intense upgrades.  We have lots of DNA activations going on.  We have two events going on for this weekend.  We are doing a guided meditation and an activation.  There is nothing more powerful then the combination of the Ley Line energies and these waves of galactic energies.  It’s literally heaven and earth energies merging together.  This is some powerful energy work we will be coming together for.  Here are the links for you to sign up! It’s perfect energy to do some energy work!

Here is the link to sign up for Sunday’s meditation…


Here is the link to sign up to get activated…


Don’t Miss Our Summer Events..

We have several meditations and activations we will be doing this month.  We are getting ready to set off to Stonehenge and Glastonbury.  We will be doing a Crop Circle event as well.  We have some powerful energies coming in this month.  I would for sure take advantage of them.  Make sure you don’t miss our Summer Events…

7/7 Sirius Gateway Meditation… 7/7


Get our Stonehenge Stargate Activation… 7/8


Crop Circle Meditation… 7/11


Day Out Of Time Meditation.. 7/25


It’s Still Crop Circle Season…

It is still Crop Circle Season here in the UK.  We are still in a powerful Gateway thanks to this weekends Solstice and Eclipse energies.  We have just passed through the second of three Eclipses.  We are right in the middle of a Triple Eclipse Gateway.  These energies are powerful for healing and manifesting.  We are actually instant manifesting.  That’s why it’s becoming more and more important what we are thinking about or focusing on.  We have been using this Eclipse Season for doing more meditations.  Since we are still in a Retrograde Season it’s time to go within.  We did a really beautiful Solstice meditation, that you can still do on replay, and this weekend we are doing another meditation.  This one will be from a Crop Circle.  this is a powerful time to be on the Ley Lines and these Crop Circles do powerful things to your energy.  Join  us this us this Saturday.  This will a powerful experience.  You just sign up and we send you the link to our private Facebook Crop Circle group we are using to live stream from..