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On The Energies…

We have some Geomagnetic Storms occurring just in time for Christmas.  We are still on such a huge momentum energetically from the Solstice.  We are going to be feeling the energies building over the next few weeks too.  We have been feeling the Solar Flares this week.  We have a couple of CME’s on the way that are expected to hit us today and the 25th.  That’s a lot of energy coming at us.  Make sure your using it.  It’s the best time to be manifesting.  It’s also a great time to be closing out 2021.  We are preparing to shift into 2022.  There is a huge expansion happening fast as we prepare.  This may mean more clearing work.  2022 will anchor you more firmly into the new.  You may feel like your ready to really move forward, or that you are graduating, or ready to ascend out of the current programs that your in.  This is your soul shifting to a new frequency.  You’ll be finding more of a resonance with the new.  This is the space to be slowing down so that you can give the Universe more space to work it’s magic.  You have put your intentions out there with the last Full Moon, and they are now arriving.  You may be feeling the need to integrate these energies on a physical level as well.  You should be seeing an increase in the spiritual right now, as well, as seeing more synchronicity.  If your seeing lots of repeating numbers or number codes pay attention to the messages coming through from your Angels and Spirit Guides.  We are still in the Ursids Meteor Shower.   The Ursids is very affected by the Moon, so we are feeling those energies too.  Meteors always add to the magic.  It’s raining down stars and fireballs on us this week.  We are also seeing Comet Leonard lighting up the globe.  This is the best Comet since Neowise.

art: @nyxeta