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On The Energies…

It’s the last day of July.  Things are ending with a bang.  Its been an eventful weekend.  Tonight is also still the peak of the The Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower.  It’s Fireball Season.  Fireballs are more likely to occur during the Summer Meteor Showers.  Yesterday we had two massive asteroids pass by us.  We also had an out of control Chinese rocket fall down towards the Earth over Arizona yesterday.  Last night the Sun also kicked off another explosion.  It hurled a massive CME into space.  We got a new active region.  We are seeing more and more solar flares and solar storms.  The Lionsgate always brings an increase in the energies.  We are in a beautiful mix of Galactic Energies right now.  It’s an amazing time to be soaking them up, recharging, or healing with them.  Our Planet is now aligned perfectly with the Galactic Center of our Milky Way.  This is our Galactic Heart.  We are moving into the peak of Leo Season.  Leo represents our Heart Chakra.  The two move into a beautiful Synch.  The energies the next few weeks are all about opening up and activating our heart chakras more.  And us coming into a deeper alignment with these energies.  It’s about finding that fire, that passion.  The next 2 weeks are the time to be tapping into the magic.

art: @kolibridres