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Reconnecting To The Akashic

As these energies are changing the other dimensions are becoming more assessable.  Anything that manifests in the physical always plays out in the other dimensions first.  Energetic planes that merge into this version of reality.  The Akashic energies are once again within reach.  Your probably seeing this is a slow reveal though.  It takes time for us to integrate these new perceptions.  The goal is not to overload you energetically, but to awaken you.  Your elevation is required in a world where sleepwalking is more then acceptable.  You must let go now of the world as you know it.  You must learn how to connect to these Akashic energies.  They hold anything you seek to know about yourself.  There are different access levels.  Keep purifying and the entire Universe will be within your grasp.  Focus on connecting with the Akashic energies.  This is the higher energy of your soul.  A spiritual connection to infinite information.  The records can’t be touched, they are felt.  A 5th dimensional energy we are now living within.  We align our vibration with that of our soul, which gives us inter dimensional access.  Make your spaces as high vibe as you can.  Reconnect to who you are, which is all that is.  

Akashic Readings….

The Akashic Records are an energy that is readable. It exists in the ethereal planes. Much like your DNA it keeps an energetic record of everything. It contains all information regarding your past lives, present live, and records of all possible future probabilities. Because it contains the energetic records for all souls, it contains all collective information and data. You are allowed to access this information as you are ready for it. Check out or Akashic readings in our store…


Akashic Records…

Akashic Records comes from a 5000 year old Sanskrit word Akasha which means space. The Akashic Records are a secret hall of records, or a hidden library in space. You can only assess this when you are ready. It can be assessed through the subconscious mind during meditative states. You actually can assess anything you want to know anytime. The Akasha exists at the subconscious level, it’s a state of awareness. If you get good at meditation you can enter these meditative states while conscious and awake. Ego is the veil and what exists past it is information from God. We are multi-dimensional beings and are able to assess lots of information once conscious. Your future will be clear the moment you realize who you are. People are now learning how to tune in and assess their Akashic Record through sight, hearing and or a knowing. Our frequency determines what we can assess always. It’s like our soul works kind of like a radio, you have to tune into the right station to hear what’s going on 😉