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On This Weeks Energies…

We have a lot going on this week.  We are still enjoying the Beltane energies until the middle of this week.  There is a ton of love and magic in the air.  May will bring with it some massive shifts and upgrades.  We are going into the 5/5 Gateway.  This month the Lunar Nodes will be shifting.  The North Node moves out of Capricorn and into Gemini on May 5th.  This is a huge transition.  The nodes rule our fate.  They also tell us a lot about what we can be shedding to fulfil our destiny.  We can expect this shift to bring with it some major plot twists.  This Gateway will bring with it some powerful energies.  We also have a Full Moon in Scorpio the 7th.  This will wrap up this Supermoon Season.  Many have been feeling the effects of these lunar energies and haven’t been sleeping as good.  This Full Super Moon will bring a huge emotional release for many.  We also have a few retrogrades in our near future.  Saturn is going Retrograde in Aquarius on the 10th, for the first time in 38 years.  We can expect some major transformations to occur.  Venus shifts into Retrograde next week, some can already feel the shadow phase has begun.  This month is all about personal transformation.  It’s a time to really get focused on your energy and your path ahead of you.  We have all of the best energies at play this week.  The theme is love, relationships, abundance, manifesting, and stepping into our destiny.

Join us for our 5/5 meditation.  You just sign up and are given a link to join the 5/5 Facebook group we will be using to Live Stream from.


Preparing To Shift..

We have a lot of energies coming into the Planet at this time. Many people are experiencing a spiritual awakening during this time. Those that are awake are becoming more and more tuned in to the different energies around them. As your frequency is rising, your perception is expanding. We are realising that this Planet has become very psychically polluted. There is a need to purify. Take time to detox your physical body. Take better care of your own energy during this time. Your going to become more and more sensitive to anything not in alignment with your own energy. Autumn has arrived and it’s important that we recognise just as the Earth shifts seasons, so do we. Your not the same person you were a few months ago, let alone years ago. It’s important that as your making these internal shifts that your discarding anything no longer a reflection of who you are. Let go of the things weighing you down. If something is stressing you out, recognise it’s no longer in alignment with you. The Autumn Equinox is Monday. This time of year is when the veil is the thinnest. This is a time when the dimensions are merged into one, making the other realms more accessible. Many of you are seeing messages encoded in your everyday life. Synchronicities, number codes, dreams, deja vu, messages from loved ones and ancestors. This is also a time for love, manifestation and miracles. This high frequency energy is changing the dynamics of reality as we know it. It’s pushing us to go deeper within. We will continue to heal and release more as we approach the Equinox.