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On The Energies…

Yesterday’s incoming wave of energy was so strong it caused an interplanetary shock wave.  When it hit the earth’s magnetic field it opened a crack in the Earth’s magnetosphere.  That means the energies from the 111 Portal are going to keep pouring in.  That means we can still very much use and tap into these energies.  Today’s New Moon in Capricorn is really being felt.  These energies are amplifying things.  That makes this week extra powerful for manifesting.  Tonight’s New Moon in Capricorn is helping too bring a new beginning with it.  It’s a New Year and we are stepping into new much higher frequencies.  Expect the Light Codes to pour in this year.  We are going to go lots of upgrades and our DNA is continuing to activate.  This is the time to fully step into your power.  The Divine Masculine will do just that this year as well.  This is the time to make a plan and to get to work.  We must put in the necessary work to make things happen within the physical.  This actually is your year.  It’s an amazing chance to rewrite a better narrative for yourself.  Be mindful of the stories that your telling yourself.  We are manifesting easier and easier.  The energies are fully supporting and creating anything we are putting out there.  This is a great time to set some goals and even to make a list.  I love using lists as a tool to manifest.  It can help us to be more clear with what we want.  It’s time that you make your dreams happen.  It’s a great time to make a vision board.  This is also a year for Healing! You should becoming more and more aware of any blocks that need to be cleared.  We all have more inner work to do.  As we are Shifting into higher and higher states of awareness we are seeing more and more.  The third eye is going through a lot of upgrades right now.  It’s a good time to be doing some work with this chakra.  A lot of you, as your awakening, are tapping into other dimensions in your sleep.  Pay attention to any dreams or astral experiences your having.  This is a powerful time for messages and guidance to be coming through.  Your angels are around you during this time, so make sure your praying a little extra.

Shifting Through The 10:10 Portal..

We are getting ready to shift through the 10:10 portal tomorrow.  This storm is now beginning to peak creating an energetic Gateway.  This can be used for powerful things.  We also will have a Full Moon in Aries this weekend, so there is a lot of intense energy in the air.  Humanity is experiencing a spiritual awakening.  We are beginning to understand we are here to create.  These Gateways are powerful for dreaming your manifestations into being, or in receiving them.  Our thoughts and intentions are making up our reality.  This energy will amplify anything your thinking about, even making it your path.  Stay aligned with where you want to be, and importantly who do you want to be? It’s important that we are looking within and finding who we really are during these times.  There will be a lot of Golden light coming with this Full Moon.  Gold light is used to activate the third eye chakra and crown chakra.  It also attracts abundance and wealth.  That makes this an even more powerful energy for putting out positive intentions.  This is a time to get more positive about the future! You have come so far! It’s also a powerful time to work with the element of fire.  Go have a bonfire or burn some sage, for some extra cleansing.

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