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On The Energies…

We are still integrating the energies from Beltane/ Samhain.  We are entering into the 555 Gateway now.  These Ascension Energies are a Gateway into expanded states of consciousness.  May 5th is a 5-5-5 Portal Day.  It’s the 5th day, of the 5th month, of a number 5 year.  The number 5 is all about change.  With triple numbers it amplifies this vibration.  This Gateway occurs in Taurus and is connecting us with the elements.  Taurus Season is helping us to ground our energy, and to integrate all of these New Light Codes.  It’s the best time to get outside.  The Earth Energies and the Ley Lines are so active right now.  Taurus Season is going to continue to bring a lot of Galactic Energies with it.  The Energies of May are the Energies of the Stars.  The 555 portal is preparing us to continue to receive some powerful Pleiadian Energies this month.  Every year from May 16th-24th a Pleiadian Portal opens.  During this time we have a ton of Galactic energies streaming in.  These energies merge with our own Sun.  The portal will peak and be at its strongest May 20-21st.  The end of May also kicks off Eclipse Season.  May 26th we have a Sagittarius Super Blood Moon Eclipse.  This is a Super Moon and the brightest Full Moon of the year, so we will feel it the most.  The Veil between our world and the spirit world is very thin right now.  Your loved ones and ancestors are with you now.  When the veil is removed it makes passage between the two worlds much easier.  That means on these Portal days the spiritual energies are so high.  That means we can travel easier.  You may be having more vivid dreams or even astral travelling or visiting with your loved ones in your sleep.  This month the focus is on travel, but within your inner worlds.

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We Are Doing 555 Portal Activations…

We are doing 555 Portal Activations tomorrow.  May 5th is a 5-5-5 Portal Day.  It’s the 5th day, of the 5th month, of a number 5 year.  These Gateways are powerful for doing healing work with.  I love working with the Galactic Energies.  The Veil is gone and we are able to use these Light Codes for our Ascension.  This Healing Activation will better connect you with the energies of the stars.  It’s to better connect you with yourself and your own guidance.


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