Twin Flame Past Relationship Dissolve Package.

£ 1,000.00


We have many connections to manage ofton times.  Energy healing to help shift you into a beautiful Twin Flame Union.  Great for everyone! This package comes with an hour of energy healing.  Channeled energy healing session.  Raises your frequency, overall healing channeled for you and your Twin Flame.  This hour is going to recalibrate and align your energies.  This healing is specifically for Twin Flames. Both Twin Flames are healed during this session.   Healing to release all past karmics from both Twin Flames.  Karmics become attachments to our energy.  They tend to try to come between Union.  Healing for past Karmic Unions and attachments to anyone but your Twin Flame.  30 minute healing for healing outer blocks in your Union.  Healing for jealousy, hexes, karmics, curses, envy, gossip, sabotage, outsiders trying to keep the Twin Flames apart, and other negative interference.  Healing for negative people around the connection.  Healing for anyone trying to break the connection up.  Clears negative energy away from you and your Twin Flame.  Dissolves attachments from both Twin Flames and the Union.  Healing from blocks from past connections.  Healing for karmic patterns where others sabotaged or interfered in your Twin Flame connection.  30 minute healing healing for your Twin Flame and you.  Clearing others energy out of you.  And their will.  Clears and heals you from the energy of past partners and karmics of all kinds.  Shields and protects you and your Twin Flame from anything negative, including others negative energies.  Helps you to avoid taking in others energies.  Helps to prevent you and your Twin Flame from taking on more karmic partners.  Healing for any past karmic partners that you have been with.   

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