Twin Flame DNA Relationship Recoding Package

£ 888.00


This is a deep DNA healing done in an hour.  This is a DNA healing for your relationship.  Dna is your code for life.  Heal and upgrade your DNA.  This is a recoding package for your love life, relationships, and Twin Flame.  Toxic relationships can damage your DNA.  Heals toxic 3D karmic templates.  Heal and upgrade your love life and the templates that you carry.  You carry so much more coding for Twin Flame Union that is inactive or dormant.  Activate this DNA which you carry.  Heals your template.  Heals and activates your Twin Flame templates bringing them online.  Your DNA carries emotional and energetic imprints that impact your relationships.  These imprints can create negative patterns and blocks in your relationships.  Healing for your DNA and your DNA imprints.  Release the negative imprints that have been playing out from your family line.  Heal your DNA and relationships on a deep level.


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