Twin Flame Synchronicity Activation

£ 66.00


Channeled activation for you and your Twin Flame.  Heals and activates the connection. This is an activation for more synchronicity.  Synchronicity is the magic of the Universe.  Better connect with the Universal Energies.  Open up and activate your psychic channels.  Opens up and activates your Twin Flame connection.  Receive more synchronicity.  These are little love notes from the Universe.  Opens you up to more guidance from your Twin Flames higher self.  Tap into more magic.  Receive more magical messages.  This is an activation to receive more synchronicity, and synchronistic messages.  Activates a higher Divine alignment.  Uplifts the connection.  Healing for your love life.  Great for everyone.  Opens you up and activates you to be open to receive more magic.  See more signs.  Recognize the signs more.  Get more messages.  More answers to your inner questions.  See more magic.  Receive more Angel messages.

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