Opening Your Financial Channels

£ 555.00



This is the ultimate clearing and healing.  A healing for negative money karma.  This clears you, and your family line.  Negative money karma can manifest as family money issues, or not having wealth in the family.  A healing for negative attitude about money.  Great for healing beliefs inherited from your family.  If you heard a lot of negative stuff about money or have a lot of negative thoughts when it comes to money.  A healing for any curses.  Sometimes money issues can manifest from past lives.  If you had negative people around you it could have impacted your finances.  If someone wished bad things on you, however intentional it can block us financially.  We can have a lot of negative beliefs coming up around money.  Spending money and feeling bad.  Not spending money on things we know will help us.  Hoarding money, or not having enough.  Feeling a lack.  Wanting more.  Having the ideas but not seeing them through.  This is the ultimate healing.  When you open more of your channels, fully open your channels you will attract so much more.  This is a healing to open all of your financial channels.  A healing for the deeper obstacles.  This healing works with the root chakra, sacral chakra, and the solar plexus.  When we balance these three points our behavior and attitude around money changes.  Your live and bank balance will improve.  The best money healing package you can get!

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