Merkabah Activation

£ 155.00



This Light Body Session is infusions of light that actually make changes in our physiology. These are tangible changes in our cellular structure which reorganizes the molecular structure, allowing the body to be less dense and free to express itself with the Source of the Universe.  Your Merkabah gives you access to your truest and purest form. It is highely recommended that you get a chakra opening before you do a merkabah activation, to help you reach your full potential. Merkaba activation is a three-step process of aligning your dimensional fields to the higher dimensions, aligning yourself with the Flower of Life at the ninth dimension and hence activating you Merkaba at that level.  Recommending doing the Merkabah Activation at least 3 times.  Activation helps you to tap into and operate on higher levels.  It helps you to deflect negative energy.  Experience more harmony and synchronicity.  Activates your energy field.  

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