Healing Package For Spiritual Attack

£ 255.00



This is a healing for anyone under spiritual attack.  We can face spiritual warfare here on Earth.  That could be forces that try to tempt, sabotage, or throw us off of our path.  This could be entities attaching you, or energies being sent in a negative way.  This could be someone doing it consciously or unconsciously.  Energy attacks can be serious.  They can leave us confused, sick, or even depleted.  You may sense it in your body or pick up on it in other ways.  This is the ultimate clearing and healing.  You could be attacked when your making a big move or shift in your life, or when your trying to level up.  Sometimes attacks can come from negativity from another person too.  They think of you in a negative way and thought form beings come at you.  It could be negative energies sent to you too.  This is a clearing and healing for any type of issues.

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