Healing Package For Fibromyalgia

£ 311.00



Fibromyalgia leads to extensive discomfort across the body, sleep issues, exhaustion, and frequent emotional and mental disturbance as well. Patients with Fibromyalgia can also be more sensitive to pain.  Fibromyalgia is closely related to PTSD.  People experiencing PTSD are extremely likely to exhibit symptoms of fibromyalgia, and vice versa.  Fibromyalgia is often triggered by an event that causes physical stress or emotional (psychological) stress.  Fibromyalgia is a condition that causes widespread pain all over the body and tender points that are sensitive to the touch.  People with fibromyalgia have developed changes in the way the central nervous system processes the pain messages carried around the body.  The pain comes from imbalances within the central nervous system.  This makes you more sensitive to other outside stimuli as well.  A healing and balancing for your nervous system. A deep healing specifically for Fibromyalgia.

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