Healer Coaching Package

£ 5,000.00



This is done in 6 sessions.  This is great for all levels.  Great for anyone looking to become a healer, or a healer already.  I work with all levels.

This package is great for everyone, no matter where you’re at.

This is done  in 6 sessions.  An intensive 3-6 just for your healing gifts package.  You can move through the sessions as you are ready.  You get text/ email support during this time.

I am there to guide you and to offer encouragement and direction as needed.

You will be given special tailored homework to do things that will help switch on more of your gifts and abilities.

Identify psychic blocks, help in clearing them.

Become aware of your own blind spots so you can show up differently in your life.  Identify what has been holding you back.  Clears things blocking your gifts.

Learn to take care of your nervous system

Feel better in your body and with your own emotions and learn how to move the energy of emotions so it doesn’t get stuck.

Identify ancestral trauma and become a cycle-breaker in your family

Establish routines that prioritize your well-being and self-care.

Teaches you about healing, holistic health, and trauma healing.

Remember I am a successful healer that does this for a professional business.  Great no matter what you’re trying to do with your gifts.

I customize the sessions to reach your goal.  I work with Spirit as well.  All channeled sessions and assignments.

Energy healing takes time and energy.  Teaches you how to optimize both.  Helps you to avoid burnout from life.  Having more energy.

I very fast identify your healing gifts and what type of healing you’re good at.

Give you assignments and tasks to switch your gifts on more.

These are 6 call phone sessions.

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