Egyptian Tantric Reiki Lightbody Activation Class

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This is an Egyptian system of healing and tantra that combines masculine and famine energy to open portals.  Amazing for anyone trying to connect deeper or just get into more balance energetically.  We send you the material and attune you when you’re ready.

In ancient Egypt the human being was composed of different entities or elements, each had separate life and its functions. Kha, Ha or Haw – the physical body Ka-the life force of the person or His double Ba – the soul Za-the divine higher self Akhu (Akh, Khu, Ikhu) –

The immortal part That Emerged after the trial of death, and the ka and b together. As the soul is the part of the person that lives after the body dies. What bright spark of divine fire. Sahu – the spirit of the person left after The Judgment in the afterlife. Ank-eternal life Ra, the sun god Kheper-the god of immortality Which is Represented in a beetle Isis was the Egyptian goddess of motherhood and fertility. She is presently working with our crystalline bodies of light. As we ascend, the blackberries energy flows through us. Isis is here to help with the changes. Not only the physical, mental and emotional as well. In His words … “The Things do not happen to you, things happen for you.” Its Strengthen energy inner power. Mer Mer is given as instruction to actualize the Ascension process, unveiling the path out of the duality. Mer is for learning how to combine the positive and negative into Oneness, Unleashing the Light Which rises and begins the healing of the rest of the body, be it Person, Earth, or Universe. Mer is the very first step in Becoming Self Aware.

Mer and Sexual Tantra Combining Sexual and Spiritual bio-feedback with a reciprocating partners Animates Kundalini. It is the attitude of Mer Which Enables the individual to attain the balanced use of the left and right brain hemispheres at the same Time. Also it is the attitude of Mer That Enables the Energies of two people, simultaneously, into the Light of the same Portal.

 The fire Sekhem destroys the nature of the former and at the same time Produces new life. This shows the nature of transition to unconditional love.

  Kepher is the principle of becoming in this new life, and of the Corresponding transformations to the phases of all Genesis, life in birthing. Mer, and Sekhem, working in harmony with a state of detached discretion (out of your way) That offers an impulse of Wisdom, capturing a ray of light, and Recognizing the true path.

 Ab Ib and TEKH. It Represents the thymus area, or the higher heart. Ab means desire. Ib means thirst. The two together Represent a whole thought of thirst / desire related to the energy of Kepher and of TEKH. If we begin to That understand the higher powers work together to form and complement Each Other. I know we have Ab Which is the reverse or reflection of Ba Which We know means the soul or astral body, and we have Ib Which is about the thymus. TEKH (3 rd eye and absorption), relating to Kepher (solar plexus).

Seshat Represents the pineal gland and it’s association with the other powers. The pineal gland holds the Intelligence of the Heart and functions with the Wisdom of Love. Seshat is the female counterpart of Thoth who Represents the Keeper of Wisdom and is the Neter of writing and record keeping. Seshat means seven Which Represents the Potential and is key in Manifesting.

Ankh is traditionally known as the giver of life and is associated with the feminine. In the Egyptian Tantra, The Ankh is the pathway at orgasm to the highest dimensions. The Egyptian Ancients had it somewhat figured about orgasm, instead of orgasming up or down they would focus on Bringing the energy to the Kepher or Solar Plexus and sending it out the back in a circular motion to the top of the head, 8 th chakras, or higher self, and then back into the front of the Solar Plexus. This brings us back to the idea of Mer, or the combining of the male and female principles of the individual in order to join two individuals into Oneness and approach the Portal.

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