DNA Upgrade to 72 Stands Package

£ 1,111.00


This is an upgrade from the 12-72 strands in one shot.  This is the ultimate DNA activator package.  It’s so important that we are going through the ascension process which is to activate our DNA.  Upgrade your potential.  This is your blueprint for life and the ultimate upgrade.  Every cell in your body contains DNA, made up of billions of sequenced “bases” that determine everything from how you look, to future health issues that might arise.  Your inactive DNA within your body plays a significant role in your very evolution.  This will help you to strengthen your immune system, enabling you to heal more quickly and avoid chronic illness.   Allow you to tap into deep creativity and flow, creating inspired work that makes an impact in the world.  Provide you with easier access to a receptive trance-like state.  Create feelings of heightened awareness in your body.  Open the pineal gland in your brain, enhancing your intuition and natural psychic abilities,  such as inner sight (clairvoyance) and interdimensional understanding (clairsentience).

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