Healing For Your Astrological DNA Package

£ 222.00


The pattern of the solar system at the moment of birth aligns the quantum imprints of the Sun with the magnetic fields of your DNA.  This magnetic interaction leads to the shaping of a specific portion of the DNA based on the positions of the planets at the time of birth.  When you were born influences your characteristics, abilities, and destiny.  Your DNA layers carry the genetic information in the human body and control different traits.  This is a healing for your entire astrological makeup and your DNA.  Heals your Cosmic DNA.  Shift from powerlessness to self-empowerment.  Heal DNA that has been damaged due to ancestral and societal trauma.  Heals low self-worth, low self esteem, and disempowerment.  Healing for your energy to empower your energy, and your life.  Shifts you on the path towards becoming everything you were meant to be.  Healing for any negative coding. Repairs and heals your cosmic DNA and the quantum imprints that you carry.

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