Clearing and Healing Package For Spiritual Interference/ Negative Entities

£ 255.00



Energetic Interferences and Attachments are more common than you think.  A good clearing and healing for spiritual interference.  A good clearing and healing for negative entities.  When you have an energetic interference or attachment, it happens on one of four levels, and sometimes across levels.  Healing for all four layers.  Healing for the physical layer.  Physical discomforts.  Healing for the mental level.  Fear, personality shifts, unusual anxiety, toxic thought cycles.  Healing for the emotional layer.  Feeling uptight, mood swings, depression, feeling low but you don’t know why.  Healing for the spiritual layer.  Disconnected from Spirit.  Heals for symptoms of energetic interferences or attachments.  Healing for your crown chakra.  Disconnection, or confusion.  Healing for your third eye chakra.  Excessive Thought Cycles, Psychic Noise (audible, visual, sensory, cognizance).  Healing for your throat chakra.  No Voice, Tongue-tied, Stuttering or Stumbling over your words.  Healing for your heart chakra.  Selfish, Needy.  Healing for your solar plexus chakra.  Drained, Dependent.  Healing for your sacral chakra.  Boundary Issues.  Healing for your root chakra.  Irrational Fear, Insecure Feelings.  Clears and heals negative entities/ negative spirit attachments and the issues they have clung to, in your energy field.  Healing to make sure your Crown is in higher Awareness, Third Eye in higher Innate Wisdom, Throat is Decisive, Heart in higher Centeredness, Solar Plexus is Sovereign Autonomous, Sacral in higher Boundaries, and Root is.  Grounded

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