Anxious attachment Healing Package

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This is a healing package for deeper inner child/ energetic wounding.  Great for those feeling disconnected in relationships, or those that have had issues attracting toxic relationships.  Ofton times your parents defenses and addictive patterns could have been passed on to you.  Great for healing subconscious patterns.  Our parents ofton times passed down an unhealthy early romantic model.  Your issues may lie in the dynamic between your parents, or during your own first romantic connections.  This is a healing for emotional hunger.  So that you can shift into real love.  Emotional hunger is not love.  It’s a strong emotional need caused by deprivation in childhood.  It is a primitive condition of pain and longing which people often act out in a desperate attempt to fill a void or emptiness.  These type of connections can leave you emotionally starved.  Another common sign of emotional deprivation is one’s own inclination to hold in and stuff emotions and feelings.  Healing for not expressing your own needs.  When a person grows up without love or affection as a child, that manifests itself as a strong need for emotional closeness as an adult. To get this need met, a deprived person may latch onto a romantic partner or even their child.  The result is an emotionally draining relationship where the victim is constantly having their emotional energy drained by the deprived person.  Emotional hunger can look like love and is often mistaken for it, but it has the opposite effect on the person it is directed toward.  Love nurtures, while emotional hunger drains the others and leaves them empty.  The other person in the relationship does not feel nurtured as they would by love, but instead, feels drained of vital energy.  Healing for draining connections.  Helps you to stop attracting emotionally draining dynamics.  Healing for all of your past emotional and relationship traumas.  Your inner child may have had an emotionally hungry parent.  This leaves a child impoverished, anxiously attached, and hurting.  The more contact between this type of parent and the child, the more the parent damages the the child’s security and comfort.  This is where anxious attachment comes from.  Emotional hunger is not love. It is a strong emotional need caused by deprivation in childhood.  In contrast, contact with an emotionally hungry parent leaves a child impoverished, anxiously attached, and hurting.  This is where codependency and dependency stem from.  The child subjected to emotional hunger becomes desperate, dependent, and either emotionally volatile or deadened.  An adult can become possessive and controlling.  A great inner child healing.  Here for healing relationship issues of all kind, anxious attachment, the tendency to attract draining connections.

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