Anchor Fully Into 5D Healing Package

£ 333.00



You may have so many timelines going on in the background.  This is a clearing for your timelines.  This will help you to anchor into a 5D reality fully.  Raising up your frequency, timelines, and thoughts to that of a 5D reality.  Clearing and healing 3D worries and mindsets.  This is a healing to cleanse any energies holding you back from your ascension.  Will accelerate your ascension process.  Most of the world is vibrating at a 3D level.  This is based on physical desires, separateness, self, power, greed, fear and control and less on the spiritual.  This healing raises your frequency to that of 5D.  This raises up your consciousness shifting you more fully into spirituality, love, peace, harmony, togetherness, community, and forgiveness.  Being in a 5D state allows us to step into and to create the New Earth.  This healing helps you to shift out of and release the dense lower energies of 3D.  Clearing 3D versions of yourself so that you can shift into and become an energetic match for your higher self.

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