Healing Package To Dissolve Financial Blocks

£ 255.00



A deep healing for your finances, any financial blocks, and your energy flow.  This healing opens up more abundance in all areas of your life.  Helps you to feel better and to attract more.  Raises your frequency.  Heals heart chakra blocks.  Heals feeling not deserving or worthy, around finances.  Heals money blocks and heart chakra blocks that stop money from flowing to you.  Healing for how you feel about money.   Great for any money blocks or money stressors.  Healing for your lower chakras around money.  Money and security are ruled by the lower 3 chakras (the Root, the Sacral and the Solar plexus).  Healing for your root chakra.  If the root chakra is imbalanced, you either hoard money, or don’t think about it at all.  Healing for your sacral chakra.  If the sacral chakra is imbalanced, you spend money like crazy, or, feel really guilty spending any money on yourself.  Healing for your solar plexus.  If the solar plexus is imbalanced, you probably dream up lots of money-making ideas but procrastinate on action, or you take lots and lots and LOTS of mindless action but see little or no financial reward.  This healing balances these 3 chakras.  Expect positive behavior changes and attitudes around money.  Improve and heal your life and bank balance.

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