Money Trauma Healing Package/ Money PTSD

£ 211.00



This is a healing for money trauma.  Ofton times our parents financial mindset has started off as our programming.  Many families carry an unconscious karmic debt when it comes to money.  Deep wounds that came down your family line and can make you feel unworthy, poverty mindset, and carrying money shame.  As you have struggled at times financially it’s created stress.  Chronic worry or stress about money indicates money trauma.  The more you do worry the more money trauma you carry.  Signs of money trauma are also stressing or worrying about the future.  1 in every 4 people have PTSD like symptoms caused by financial stress.  This is a good healing for any financial PTSD or money trauma.  Will help heal toxic money habits.  This could look like bad spending habits or not making enough.  Will help in healing deep wounds around money which can play out in our stories, beliefs, thought patterns, and other actions.  This is a deep healing for your money trauma, and healing where it originally came from within the family line.

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