Cord Cutting Package

£ 155.00



This is the ultimate cord cutting package.  Release and heal those cords.  Clears and heals cords to your past experiences, and past people.  Some connections grow into cords, which you can think of as co-dependent connections.  Great for healing codependent connections.  Sometimes these energy cords can be unhealthy or dysfunctional.  It’s important to cut your cords on a regular basis.  Great for healing from toxic relationships.  Great if you’re feeling you cannot completely disconnect from a toxic relationship.  Especially if this is a bond that is harming you in some way.  It could be a current romantic relationship or some other type that you’re having a hard time letting go of.  It can also be one that is no longer physically present, but the energy is still there.  Maybe you’re still thinking about that person all the time or they are constantly reaching out to you.  Great for healing addictive behaviors.  Just wanting more control of your energy and your life.  Feeling energetically or physically drained and getting sick a lot is a symptom of power loss.  And it can also be evident of having an unhealthy energy cord.  Helps heal lack of power and lack of boundaries.  Removes the energy cords, building your power up again so you can feel whole, complete, and experience true health.

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